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process color holograms with matrix barcodeProcess Color Introduce Track and Trace Hologram with Matrix Barcode

As we all know that holography is the most efficient, cost effective and foolproof brand and product security system in the world, that successfully prevents counterfeiting and forgery.  As now a days holograms become widespread and multiple producers came into market it is essential to incorporate non holographic features to make hologram safe and keep way from counterfeit. Processcoloras part of its efforts to control and eradicate the spurious and counterfeit products by incorporating 2D Barcode and ID Linear Barcode which having the genuine information about the product and services.  These information will helpful to the manufacturers and suppliers about the products monitoring and movement. For the consumer they can evaluate the products by reading the barcode through their mobile phone cameras.

This is achieved by making product authenticity clearly visibleto everybody. It is here where standard logistics requirements converge with brand protection needs. Logistics specialists need to be able to track the precise route each product takes, from the manufacturer through to the distribution partner. Brand protection specialists, on the other hand, need to be able to distinguish swiftly and reliably between genuine articles and counterfeit copies as well as identify grey market goods


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